One photo every day in 2014 - MYproject365. Every Wednesday I updated this page with photos from the week that was... and now it's done, wohoo!

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My last week!... 24-31 December 2014

Wohoo. Cannot believe a whole year has been and gone. I have loved but also disliked this project equally each week, but I am so pleased I have done it. Not only did I have a baby this year, I also had a two year old and my husband ;-) to look after, plus we had a big move. My main goal was to ensure I continued to use my camera during this busy year, and although I've used my iPhone occasionally, I've still achieved the goal and now feel very relieved it's over.

  • Day 358: The Christmas pav is ready for the oven

  • Day 359: Christmas puddings!

  • Day 360: A typical New Zealand view at Christmas

  • Day 361: Enjoying the beach

  • Day 362: A cruise ship leaves port

  • Day 363: New Zealand countryside

  • Day 364: Early morning at the beach

  • Day 365: The final photo from MYproject365 - a family portrait (and yes, I still pressed the shutter button)

Holiday time, again... 17-23 December 2014

We're all packed and ready for a holiday. Auckland for a few days and then down to Tauranga and some of Grandma's Peanut Brownies especially for me. Oh, yeah.

  • Day 351: Poinsettia ready for Christmas

  • Day 352: Packed and ready for a holiday!

  • Day 353: Hello Auckland!

  • Day 354: Good old Santa on Queen Street

  • Day 355: The draw bridge in the Viaduct on a cloudy old day, Auckland

  • Day 356: Fishing boat

  • Day 357: Grandma's home baking, wohoo!

Getting ready to holiday!... 10-16 December 2014

I always find at this time of year, most people are tired and grumpy, in need of a break, or maybe it's just me! Such a busy time of year with so much to do. Not that I'm complaining cause it's all good stuff.

  • Day 344: Torquay rock

  • Day 345: Zucchini flower

  • Day 346: Seagull (another photo-bombed pic!)

  • Day 347: My favourite Torquay cafe, Pond

  • Day 348: Tree top

  • Day 349: Santa visits Torquay

  • Day 350: Fencing in the sand

The countdown is on... 3-9 December 2014

With only three more weeks to go on MYproject365, the countdown is most definitely on. Especially after technical difficulties this week. Grrr. We're gearing up for Christmas with present wrapping happening this week, and I'm feeling it's a lot like home with flowering Pohutukawa - New Zealand's Christmas tree!

  • Day 337: Pohutukawa in Torquay!

  • Day 338: Pretty Pansey

  • Day 339: Me in the decorations

  • Day 340: Used Coffee Grounds

  • Day 341: Wrapping time!

  • Day 342: Sweet sweet Strawberries

  • Day 343: Seaweed mash up

It's officially Summer... 26 November - 2 December 2014

And what a beautiful first day of Summer it was too. Love how we can just grab our beach bag and in minutes be at the beach. This week we also celebrated a third birthday (which meant lots of baking). Oh, and we put up the Christmas tree!

  • Day 330: Baking again

  • Day 331: All riding together

  • Day 332: Someone is turning three this week

  • Day 333: 100s & 1000s

  • Day 334: Santa is on the tree

  • Day 335: Great first day of Summer

  • Day 336: Modeling clay wrapping markings

I love Mango season... 19-25 November 2014

I love this time of year, not only is summer around the corner, but Mangoes are in season. Yummy. Just realised they would have been good in my delicious Wild Rice and Chicken Salad.

  • Day 323: Our tomato plants are cranking

  • Day 324: Wet seaweed

  • Day 325: A night out in the city, Bourke Street Mall Christmas lights, Melbourne

  • Day 326: Delicious Wild Rice and Chicken Salad

  • Day 327: Sandcastles at the beach, Torquay

  • Day 328: I love Mango season!

  • Day 329: Dry landscape and it's not even summer, Torquay

An entertaining week... 12-18 November 2014

This week we had friends over for dinners, lunches and sleep-overs. A sign of our summer ahead I hope! My photos however, have continued to be whatever catches my eye.

  • Day 316: Preparing Black-eyed Peas for dinner

  • Day 317: Beach towel

  • Day 318: There's a tree growing out of my truck

  • Day 319: Down the path

  • Day 320: Art at the park

  • Day 321: Dirt after a lot of rain

  • Day 322: At the hairdresser

Sleepless nights and early mornings... 5-11 November 2014

I haven't had enough sleep this week thanks to a teething nine month old, but I have seen some beautiful sunrises and Dan has cooked delicious most nights. Yum! Oh and we all got a special treat after Master Two completed a very major milestone. No more nappies for him. Wohoo!

  • Day 309: Wooden wall

  • Day 310: Out-of-focus sunlight on a wall

  • Day 311: Dan's Poulet Marengo aux Olives

  • Day 312: Another glorious sunrise, Fishermans Beach, Torquay

  • Day 313: A very special treat for a very clever boy

  • Day 314: The boardwalk

  • Day 315: Roses at home are in full bloom

A grey week at the beach... 29 October - 4 November 2014

It has been a pretty grey week at the beach but a trip back to Melbourne for good friends, food and coffee, and the weather didn't matter one bit. 

  • Day 302: Sand

  • Day 303: New addition to the family

  • Day 304: First fancy dress costume

  • Day 305: More Spring flowers

  • Day 306: Great food and coffee with good friends at Green Park, Brunswick East

  • Day 307: Seaweed wash-up

  • Day 308: A grey Melbourne Cup Day at Anglesea Beach

A week at home... 22-28 October 2014

Baking, playing with lego, planting our summer veggie garden and collecting too much junk mail (what is with that?), it was a week spent hanging out at home.

  • Day 295: A trellis in our garden

  • Day 296: Gingerbread family

  • Day 297: Too much junk mail

  • Day 298: Daddy's lego comes out to play

  • Day 299: The base of our wine barrel garden (before the dirt went in)

  • Day 300: Roses from Jess' garden

  • Day 301: Part of our summer veggie garden

A few days in the city... 15-21 October 2014

This week I spent a few days in the city, and as you'll guess, stayed in South Melbourne.

  • Day 288: Wall art

  • Day 289: Herb garden

  • Day 290: is closed.

  • Day 291: Time to get my frock on

  • Day 292: Old fire station doors

  • Day 293: Clement's sweet treats (South Melbourne)

  • Day 294: Oliver's bean grows

Typical Spring... 8-14 October 2014

We've had a week of typical Spring weather, warm one day, freezing and very windy the next. Just like my photos which are a bit of a mix as well this week.

  • Day 281: Torquay's Sundial of Human Involvement

  • Day 282: Wild Mountain Rice mix

  • Day 283: The serene view of my morning exercise class

  • Day 284: Yellow Bird flower

  • Day 285: Winkipop, Surf Coast

  • Day 286: Oliver's bean sprouts

  • Day 287: A very windy day, perfect for kite surfing

Over three quarters of the way through... 1-7 October 2014

Cannot believe we're in October already, this year is flying by!

  • Day 274: ...because it's not obvious…

  • Day 275: Road side plantings

  • Day 276: Wood chips

  • Day 277: Blue balloon

  • Day 278: New Cal carving

  • Day 279: Blossoms in bloom

  • Day 280: Dinner - Quinoa, Zucchini and Almond Pie (yum!)

Still can't believe we live here... 24-30 September 2014

What an amazing week of weather which has made living at the beach even better. We are so lucky, still can't believe it.

  • Day 267: Not what you want to read at a playground

  • Day 268: Money Tree

  • Day 269: Sand ripples

  • Day 270: Torquay Farmers Market

  • Day 271: Early morning at Back Beach, Torquay

  • Day 272: Reflections

  • Day 273: Surf's up

From one beach to another... 17-23 September 2014

The sand may not be as white and the water not as warm, but we're pretty lucky to be saying goodbye to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and going home to Torquay.

  • Day 260: Eumundi Markets

  • Day 261: Bubbling wave

  • Day 262: Tea Tree Bay, Noosa National Park

  • Day 263: Early morning at Sunshine Beach

  • Day 264: Fishermans Beach, Torquay

  • Day 265: Bright pop of colour

  • Day 266: The turtle at our local playground

Holiday time… 10-16 September 2014

Hello Queensland, it's been too long. A couple of days in Brissie and then up to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Beach in particular. Amazing weather, amazing beaches, amazing house, amazing company… we're pretty much having an amazing time and it's very much well deserved.

  • Day 253: Brisbane by night (the view from our apartment)

  • Day 254: Bamboo sculpture (Brisbane Festival)

  • Day 255: The beautiful Sunshine Beach, our home for eight days. Bliss.

  • Day 256: Australia Zoo's main attraction

  • Day 257: Crab balls

  • Day 258: Delicious dessert after a morning of pampering with the girls (Bistro C, Noosa)

  • Day 259: Playing with Uncle Steve at Noosa's main beach

Hello Torquay… 3-9 September 2014

What a week, a very stressful week and I can't believe we're here. We actually live by the coast, just a ten minute walk to the beach in Torquay. So lucky. And so glad that week is over.

  • Day 246: Moving day

  • Day 247: The local rag

  • Day 248: Can't believe this is our new backyard!

  • Day 249: Heading west

  • Day 250: Our annual Father's Day bike ride (although we weren't all riding this year)

  • Day 251: The lights are on

  • Day 252: These remind me of the beach (oh wait, that's where I am! Wohoo)

Goodbye Brunswick... 27 August - 2 September 2014

After seven and a half years in Melbourne we're moving, not only out of Brunswick but out of Melbourne. Where to? Well you'll just have to check back next week to find out.

  • Day 239: Street art (Wilson Ave, Brunswick)

  • Day 240: Interesting fence decoration

  • Day 241: Now that would be a large pot of coffee

  • Day 242: My favouite Brunswick cafe

  • Day 243: Beautiful Singapore Orchard

  • Day 244: Packing!

  • Day 245: Goodbye No. 10

My first and only selfie... 20-26 August 2014

This week we've been making the most of Melbourne including celebrating my upcoming birthday! Thought I'd take a selfie for a change while I was out, the only one you'll be seeing in my year of photos, and it got photo-bombed!

  • Day 232: Poor plant

  • Day 233: This old car never leaves its park

  • Day 234: One way for bikes

  • Day 235: My first and last selfie (photo-bombed!)

  • Day 236: Aunt Maggies Brunswick (health food store)

  • Day 237: Old shop (now a house) advertising Bushell's coffee

  • Day 238: Love this cafe

Out and about... 13-19 August 2014

Nothing too exciting going on this week in my photos, but lots going on otherwise.

  • Day 225: East Elevation is open (cafe, Lygon Street)

  • Day 226: A red brick wall

  • Day 227: Abandoned in the grass

  • Day 228: Albert Street Cafe, Brunswick

  • Day 229: One rotten orange

  • Day 230: Some of the animals at the Melbourne Museum

  • Day 231: Dandelion seeds

Changes are coming... 6-12 August 2014

From the craziness of my Wednesday morning exercise class (the popcorn is for the kids, not the dog!), through to another sign of spring. Life is good, especially with something big about to happen. Stay tuned.

  • Day 218: The craziness of my Wednesday Mums and Bubs exercise class

  • Day 219: A Melbourne institution

  • Day 220: Street Art (Tripovich Street, Brunswick)

  • Day 221: Blast from the past thrown out

  • Day 222: Another awesome Well Nourished recipe (Lemon and Blueberry Loaf)

  • Day 223: A morning at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

  • Day 224: Spring is definitely around the corner

A very wintery week... 30 July - 5 August 2014

It was cold in Melbourne this week. With hail, rain and strong wind through to freezing overnight temperatures, frosts and crisp clear days. Brrr.

  • Day 211: Old door

  • Day 212: The Acadamy [sic]

  • Day 213: What a miserable day!

  • Day 214: Street art (Ann Street, Brunswick)

  • Day 215: Frost on our backlawn!

  • Day 216: Sick of detours everywhere, all the time in Brunswick!

  • Day 217: Love the first signs of Spring

It started and ended with good food... 23-29 July 2014

I've had a week of really good food, starting out with someone's birthday celebrations (lunch out, dinner at home) and another lunch out again at the end of my week. I was in the city a few times this week, back down the coast and my littlest man had his first taste of banana (and loved it!).

  • Day 204: Homemade mini cheesecakes (not healthy)

  • Day 205: Another trip down the coast

  • Day 206: First taste of Banana!

  • Day 207: City laneway

  • Day 208: Centre Place, Melbourne

  • Day 209: A city building

  • Day 210: Lunch time!

From Torquay to Glenrowan... 16-22 July 2014

From Torquay to Glenrowan with an awesome broccoli at the end. This week I headed out of Melbourne twice in one week, whoa! Check out Ned Kelly's 'smoking gun', the picturesque scene which could be from the South Island of NZ plus a couple of pics closer to home.

  • Day 197: Bottlebrush in bloom

  • Day 198: Torquay's main beach

  • Day 199: Otter Street, Collingwood

  • Day 200: Ned Kelly's smoking gun

  • Day 201: The Swanpool servo

  • Day 202: Looks like a scene from NZ (Glen Creek, near Mansfield)

  • Day 203: Check out this Broccoli!

Hooray, we're half way through winter... 9-15 July 2014

I really dislike winter. I hate being cold, I hate the warm clothes we have to wear, I hate the weather. So, I'm pretty happy that we're half way through. Roll on summer!

  • Day 190: Bark markings

  • Day 191: Local barber shop (Albert Street, Brunswick)

  • Day 192: Strong message

  • Day 193: Gingerbread shapes (healthy ones of course!)

  • Day 194: Target Centre art, Melbourne

  • Day 195: Colour on a cloudy day

  • Day 196: Rear gears

I'm over half way!... 2-8 July 2014

Can't believe I'm half way through this project, which means we're half way through the year already! This week I had a family photoshoot (and the balloons used as a prop blew away into a tree), I did my usual baking, went into the city, got given some beautiful flowers and took Oliver to the park. I can't get over how good he is on his balance bike, it kinda scares me.

  • Day 183: HALF WAY! What an odd pic for half way

  • Day 184: Street Art (Wilson Ave, Brunswick)

  • Day 185: No bake, nut free muesli bar (Well Nourished)

  • Day 186: Beautiful flowers for me

  • Day 187: Photoshoot balloons stuck in a tree

  • Day 188: Flying down a hill on his balance bike

  • Day 189: Looking out the window, Bourke Street Mall

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